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Though this site has numerous purposes, one of them is to give insight and connection with possible clients. However, we are tired of self promotion as it leaves an ugly taste in our mouth and makes us feel disingenuous.


We would rather you view the site, view our designs, and decide whether you want to use the site for education, entertainment, or to commission our aesthetic services.


How to use the site:

• Please use the bloglink to read commentary on the state of design, education, religion, politics, and the culture at large

• Please use the foliolink to review our illustrations, print design, and multimedia projects

• Please use the processlink to review how a design moves from client to completion

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The following are links, images, maybe even ads that might be

of interest.

Take What You Will

what you do here is, as always, up to you.

I have no intention of organizing this space well. But entries will be titled in a reasonable fashion to make knowledge more accessible. Do not be surprised to read or hear bits of wisdom (or stupidity depending on your worldview) along with viewing banners or designs that various teachers might want to use.


All of the banners or designs are available as T-shirts. If you intend to purchase a T, please contact me.

The Side Note

The following are links, images, maybe even ads that might be

of interest.

The above is a quick lesson in combining files with Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Everyone who teaches or learns online understands the image above. Below are some fundamental design rules that every neophyte designer ought to be familiar with.

The above is the first lesson in a series of Illustrator CS5.1 tutorials.