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watch as we attempt to not waste your time.

Though this site has numerous purposes, one of them is to give insight and connection with possible clients. However, I have a distaste for the shameless self promotion that is so rampant in western civilization today.


I would rather you view the site, check out my designs and images, and decide whether you want to use the site for education, entertainment, or to commission my aesthetic services.


How to use the site:

• Please use the bloglink to read commentary on the state of design, education, religion, politics, and the culture at large

• Please use the foliolink to review our illustrations, print design, and multimedia projects

• Please use the processlink to review how a design moves from client to completion

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Please Review Our Best Efforts

traditional. digital. print. interactive.

My portfolio can be found below. Please be engaged and attentive when viewing the efforts herein.

The Side Note

The images herein are greatly varied from illustration, to web design, to print design.


The Objective View of Oneself

self promotion has become tiresome.

One continually encounters witty self aggrandizing commentary on the endless 'about' pages found in sites aimed primarily at self promotion. I am compelled toward the exact opposite at this time:


• Though not late on project deadlines, I have been too frequently late to take my kids to the pool or missed their bedtime. I disdain this about myself, as it reflects a lack of regard for the time of those most precious to me. I am trying to alleviate the problem now.

• I am too often motivated by extrinsic rather than intrinsic factors.

• I would likely rather be with my wife and children at any given moment. I'd even rather be with them than building this site.

• I sometimes fail.

• Taking on too much work over too little time has too often been an issue.

• I thrive under pressure, then crash and frequently get ill when a project is complete.

• Discussions of aesthetics, politics and religion are never out of bounds. They are what makes life wonderfully interesting.

• Forgiveness does not come easily. But it should.

• If hypocrisy were a virtue, I would be venerated.

• I too often evaluate others based on appearance rather than character.


The Side Note

Please understand the list to the left is not intended to be complete, or whimsical.... merely honest. Ugly honest.

Made Like This

the process is largely traditional.

The beginning of an image or idea is essentially the same regardless of the deliverable.

The Side Note

Deliverables matter, but they cannot be the initial focus.

Research is always the first necessary step. Conceptualization is accomplished through traditional sketching resulting ultimately in thumbnails to be discussed with the client. I then begin to execute comps and refine them to a final comp to again be discussed with the client. Moving forward, I execute a final comp and, depending on the agreement with the client, deliver to output.

To Aide in Your Education

fundamental concepts bolstered by tech.

It is my hope to educate interested parties (particularly our students) with the resources herein.


The Side Note

There are a multitude of reasons to offer free knowledge. Surprisingly, not all are altruistic. Don't assume that ours are or aren't please.

To Enter Discourse

knowledge is a gift.

I delight in worthwhile conversation as well as the prospect of executing work for compelling clients.

The Side Note

Know that we don't view argument as negative. And nothing is off limits for discussion. We do require that everyone in a discussion or intellectual argument should be willing and able to change his mind when presented with better or more accurate facts.